Monday, March 24, 2014

Reading With Our Senses and Feelings


Can you tell I'm excited?  Honestly, it's not just a week of sleeping in that's appealing to me.  It's the fact that it has been an awful, no, MISERABLE winter here in Chicago.  I've spent hours of my life digging my car out of snow on the streets.  Hours that I'll never get back.  I've cried silently trying to navigate my way through snow without boots only to have my tears freeze on my face.  

The most depressing part about all of that is that it is not a dramatization.  It really has been that miserable.

Which is why I'm SO excited to go to Florida on Saturday morning!  If the temperature tops 60 degrees then I am one happy camper and plan on laying on the beach rain or shine.  

Moving on...the other day I posted about St. Paddy's day in my classroom.  I had posted a freebie download of my "Lucky Leprechaun Juice" poem that I planned on using to practice identifying words that describe feelings and senses.  Though I didn't get around to it on the day we enjoyed our lucky juice, we did use the poem for a mini-lesson later on in the week and it went PERFECTLY!  I also noticed an error in my original upload, so feel free to re-download by clicking here if you'd like!

For our mini-lesson, I made a super quick flip chart on my Promethean Board to quickly "warm up our brains" and identify sense and feeling words.  We took turns coming up and circling what sense/feeling different words showed us.  Sorry about the terrible photo quality...that's what happens when I try to quickly take pictures with my phone during the lesson!  Oops!

After we finished with our quick flip chart, we used clipboards and our Lucky Leprechaun Juice to identify words within the poem that represented senses and feelings.

A finished product...

This lesson went extremely well with my kiddos.  Using something exciting like our leprechaun juice really helped spark the excitement about this standard that they had trouble with prior.

This week we are working really hard on our hardcover All About Me books for our big Young Author's celebration this Friday.  We have lots of families coming in to our classroom to help us celebrate our writing, so I'll be sure to post back soon with our progress!

Have a great night!

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