Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back In the Classroom and ABC Signs!

Hi All!

It has been almost two weeks since I've blogged!  What have I been up to lately?  Well, I have actually started to get back into my classroom to get ready for the rapidly approaching school year.  Seriously, we only have two weeks left of a "no morning alarm going off" summer bliss and I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to handle this drastic change in lifestyle quite yet...

But, nonetheless, I can only put off the idea of waking up for work every morning for so long and it was time to get right back at it in my classroom!  I'm extremely OCD about the way my classroom looks and the color scheme.  I'm sure you're thinking, "Yeah, yeah, yeah...aren't all teachers?"  For real...I take it to a new extreme.  My classroom color scheme is bright green, bright pink, bright aqua blue, and white.  I went a little crazy buying things for my classroom two years ago and now that I'm a rent-paying, utility-paying, Chicago expense-paying teacher, I have to limit myself with the whole "spend my entire paycheck on my classroom" thing.  SO...I'm really trying this year to spend as little money as possible and work with what I've got.  Which, to be honest, is extremely difficult if you're as crazy as I am about things matching and something as simple as a paperclip cup on my desk bothers me because it doesn't fit in with my color scheme.  

This all being said, I went in to my classroom for the first time last week and this is what I saw...

Okay, okay, so it might not look THAT bad in these pictures but we all know how overwhelming it is to walk into your classroom when it is all torn town and stacked up on counters.  Luckily, the things I had ordered with my school money had come in (all those boxes)!  So on day one I spent about 7 hours just moving furniture and getting it set-up how I want it.  I'm hoping this will help me feel better about not being able to revamp my room with new things.  I've also been working on finding other people's resources on blogs and TpT as well as creating my own cute things to spice up my classroom a bit.

One of the things I have just finished making and am super excited about are my new ABC Signs for the front of my room!  I usually use one of those pre-made ABC lines from Lakeshore or Really Good Stuff.  This year, I wanted it to be more personalized and have pictures to go with the letters.  I came up with this!

I am loving my new signs!  They are bright and fit perfectly in with my color scheme.  Feel free to hop over to my TpT store and check them out!  Included in the file is my matching ABC Chart for the kiddos to use at home and at their desks for reference.  Here is a freebie of that file for all of you!  Just click on the picture and grab it for free!

I hope these creations help some of you with your own classroom decorating!  This week will be full of classroom preparing so be ready for some pics and updates...only 2 more weeks until school starts!!  Are you all ready?

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