Monday, January 27, 2014

Brr....A Peek Into the Arctic!

Here I am!  Freezing to death.  But still, here I am!

We had yet another school cancellation day today due to severe cold weather (I'm talking -40 degree cold weather) and are cancelled again tomorrow!!  The good news?  I'm getting a little extra R&R in these two days.  The bad news?  We have tacked an extra 4 days onto the end of the year.  Oh well, it is what it is I suppose.  That's Chicago weather for ya!

The fun (did I say fun?) part about it being so unbelievably cold is that it aligns perfectly with our polar unit!  Okay, maybe "fun" is the wrong word to use but it has been hilarious to talk about how freezing cold it is in the Arctic and then relate it back to....where we live.  

Anyways, we haven't dived too deep into our polar unit yet but I did want to share a few quick pictures I snagged this past week from the beginning of our penguin learning!

First, we made these penguin hats made with sentence strips and simple shapes of construction paper.  The kids were so excited to wear them during all of our penguin learning!


After we made our cutie little hats, we were ready to start our penguin-y learning!  We started by creating "All About Penguin" books by doing a "Do-It-Now" penguin drawing (otherwise known as guided drawing) for the cover.



Our books are filled with penguin diagrams, experiments, and graphic organizers to record our learning. I will definitely post back with pictures of the inside of our books because we are LOVING learning all about penguins!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the brisk sub-zero temperatures!  Have a great week!

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