Thursday, August 1, 2013

Classroom Progress Day 3/4

Hey there!

I have been in my classroom almost non-stop the past couple of days, so I'm taking the day off today!  The countdown is officially at less than 2 weeks until the first day with the new kiddos!

Here are some pics of the progress I've made in my room!  If you already follow me on instagram at @happilyteaching, then you've already seen some of these!

Here goes...

This first picture is of my "Awesome Authors" wall, where we hang all of our published writing after each unit!  Pay no attention to the shelves to the right...I want to re-organize those!

Next up is a close up of my new chevron clothespins for my author's wall!  I just LOVE the way they turned out!  All I did was print off chevron paper and then cut it into strips to fit the clothespins.  I modge podged them on and then modged podged over them!  Perfect!  

Here's my math wall for the year!  Should be filled with lots of new Common Core-y things in no time! :)

The last picture I took in my class when I left yesterday was a picture of my word wall and my new "First Grade Rocks!" banner that I made and hung in the bare space on my wall!  

More pictures to come!

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  1. Wow Elyse! Your room already looks so great! I can't wait to bring in the kiddos and see it first hand sometime soon!